Philippe Mathieu was born in Orleans, France,
and immigrated to Santa Barbara at the age of six. 
From an early age, Philippe’s love and talent for painting
was evident on countless walls of his family’s home.
  At the age of sixteen, he fell in love with a Monet painting
in the Santa Barbara Art Museum, drawing him to learn all
about the French Impressionist movement of the 1880’s.
  It was the breathtaking beauty of the California Coast
that led Philippe to begin studying oil painting earnestly in
his early twenties. He began selling his first works within a year.
Philippe’s philosophy for his art is simple:
a careful observation of light and color as it interplays with nature,
along with countless years of practice, makes a beautiful painting.
With over four decades of painting experience,
he has become well-known for his romantic depictions
of California’s coast through paintings, prints, and greeting cards.